Visible Progress

Why should we be concerned with making progress visible? The answer is simple: pupils need to see and be able to celebrate the progress they are making. Forget about the observers, the inspectors, the learning-walkers; it is the pupils to whom we need to make the progress evident. It is they who need to clearly see and understand the value that our lesson adds; the success and achievement that results from their hard work each session.

A great teacher makes pupil progress visible to him or herself by actively seeking feedback from pupils about what they have understood and what they need to know next. In other words they are constantly assessing and reviewing the impact of their own teaching and devising and adapting subsequent learning accordingly. If a teacher does this as a matter of course, then any professional who happens to visit their lesson, or scrutinize pupils’ books shouldn’t have any trouble getting clear insight into progress being made.

The day will provide practical strategies for:

  • Effective pre-assessment to establish starting points from which progress can be measured
  • Precision planning in order to ensure that learners make progress.
  • Identifying and closing “gaps”.
  • Ensuring that even the highest attainers are appropriately challenged, despite having a very different starting point to their classmates.
  • Eliminating “passengers” in the classroom.
  • Skilfully monitoring pupils’ understanding in order to target “gaps”.
  • Making progress highly visible, in order that it can be celebrated by teacher, pupils and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring that marking enhances and highlights progress.
  • Facilitating the acquisition of new knowledge
  • Ensuring that learners have opportunities to master topics
  • Making sure learners ask the questions they need to in order to make progress

Strategies will be realistic and useable by delegates the very next day in subjects across the curriculum and in the different Key Stages.

  • Brilliant! I can’t wait to go back to school and use the new ideas!

    E. Lindley Thomas Cowley High School
  • Inspirational, creative, fun!

    S. Moss HoD, Woodrush School
  • First course in years where I’ve felt I can implement ideas immediately!

    A. Little Dep Leader of Science , St John Fisher School
  • Brilliant! So practical. Very inspirational – Thank you so much!

    N. Hill AHT, Caldercote Community Primary
  • Fantastic ideas that can be used in REAL lessons!

    L. Hillary Chemistry Teacher, Boston Spa School
  • Fabulous, Engaging – Met all my needs!

    J. George DHT, Temple Primary School
  • Lots of brilliant, practical ideas. Thank you!

    I. Gallagher Holy Cross Catholic Primary
  • Engaging and inspiring!

    G. Barr Warren Farm Primary
  • The best INSET I have had for years!

    K. Brennan DHT, Sun Valley Sports School
  • Useful, fun, extremely helpful & perfect for building teaching repertoire. Fantastic!

    M. Taylor History Teacher, Hindley High School
  • Superb. Totally engaging. I really soaked up every word. A sensational course!

    S. Woolman Literacy Lead, St Anne’s Primary
  • Excellent. Everything can be taken back to the classroom!

    F. Hardy LTL, Colyton Grammar School

INSET for Primary, Secondary, Teachers, T.A.s and Leaders!

We are always happy to tailor Teaching and Learning CPD to the needs of your school. Your school doesn’t get a “One Size Fits All” package PowerPoint – your school receives a bespoke training event, built and delivered to meet the current focuses of your School Improvement Plan. We are happy to talk in depth with you about the needs and interests of your staff and pupils.

Below are some of the most popular CPD focuses for schools at the moment.  We are also happy to blend a number of these concepts into a whole day event.

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Visible Progress

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