Poundland Pedagogy!

Have you joined the #PoundlandPedagogy movement?


Since the publication of my original blog  (and this one!) that explained how average poundstore items can be priceless resources for teachers of any subject, Twitter has exploded with amazing suggestions for #PoundlandPedagogy from across the UK and beyond! Just do a search on the hashtag and feast your eyes on photos galore!

I still have my firm favourites for the classroom, and in this article, I’ve made a classic collection for all you innovative teachers… Have fun!

£1 Beach Balls

Pass these or other £1 inflatables around for questioning, sequencing and building on each other’s ideas. Get pupils to tell you one thing they have learnt before passing the ball to a classmate. Stick on post-it notes for an added Q&A element.

£1 Packs of Modelling Clay

This is fantastic for embedding information in the memory and making learning “tangible”. Get pupils to create important scenes, models, processes, words, etc.

£1 Clothes Pegs (x50) –

Pegs can be used to categorise things – by theme, genre, etc. Wooden ones are particularly useful because you can write on them. Get pupils to peg words, concepts, quotes under particular categories, or get them to peg ideas in a particular order.

£1 Flyswatters (x4) –

Get pupils to swat the correct answer when a question is posed – either by sending a team runner to the whiteboard, or by swatting relevant ideas on large pieces of sugar paper on group tables.

£1 Balls of String (x3) –

Use string to track debate in a group discussion. Each pupil keeps hold of the length as the ball is passed between contributors.

£1 Balloons (x50)-

These can be filled with tasks before they are inflated. Alternatively the answer can be contained inside and the question written on the outside. Pupils can add suggested answers to the outside before popping them to reveal the correct answer.

£1 Coloured Post-it Notes (x300)-

Use these for a hundred-and-one brilliant learning strategies: WonderWalls, Ticket-out-the-classroom plenaries, Progress lines… Stick them on beachballs, books, models, foreheads. Differentiate with colour for questions and tasks, for marking or annotating… What else can you think of?!…

£1 Cake Stands –

Great as a way of bringing the concept of hierarchy to life. Get pupils to order things in terms of importance by placing ideas on various tiers and discussing decisions.

£1 Paper Plates and Cups (x30) –

Can be drawn on for revision, arranged, used to contain, passed and swapped, matched… The possibilities are endless!

£1 Buzzing Timers –

Brilliant for helping to focus and engage pupils by giving tasks a time-sensitive, competitive element. Groups can each be given their own timers to instil that added sense of urgency!

So here’s the challenge to you: try entering one of these wonderous places with a colleague, and task each other to find teaching inspiration from what you see on the shelves. Once you’ve got past the childish temptation to dare each other to take various items to the shop assistant in this “Everything’s a Pound” store and innocently and painstakingly ask how much each one costs, you will actually discover an invigorating eureka feeling; the feeling that comes from realising you’ve invented something inspirational in your head.

Once you’ve been introduced to the giddy high of pedagogical poundstore probing, get yourself on Twitter, and start sharing and ‘magpie-ing ideas, using the hashtag #PoundlandPedagogy

And, my intrepid teacher friend, you may not be able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but you sure can make a jolly good learning resource out of a poundstore…

Happy Shopping!

Isabella 🙂

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